Frequently Asked Questions


Processing times for ready to ship are 1-3 days from date of purchase

Processing times for made-to-order are 4-6 weeks from date of purchase

Shipping times vary based on the option you choose at checkout.

**Your turnaround time does not begin until your invoice has been paid**



Custom orders are outfits or swimwear that are made in the size you need from the fabrics you choose. I own all the artwork you see in our "fabrics" tab on this site, and they can be printed on any type of fabric. 

For women's custom orders, I require measurements of your upper bust, full bust, under-bust, waist, and hips. Once I have these measurements from you I will check the size chart and share with you the size I have chosen. You will confirm that is the size you would like OR you can request a different size. I will also provide you with approximate finished measurements of the garment. There may be up to a 1/4" discrepancy due to the handmade process. I will happily work with you to determine measurements BUT it is your responsibility to take proper and accurate measurements. 

For children's custom orders, I will show you the size chart and you can choose a size. For older children, if you need a blend of sizes for length or width please let me know! I will confirm the blended sizes prior to making the outfit. 

For men's custom boardshorts, I will show you a size chart and you will choose a size. I will immediately send out a pair of board shorts he can try on. These must be returned and in my hands before I order your fabric. If you choose to keep those board shorts no custom boardshorts will be made. Your payment will be for the board shorts you keep. I offer TWO free fittings (postage there & back) included in your payment. Any further fittings after that you must pay for shipping both ways. Once you confirm the size and the board shorts are returned to me, this is the size you will receive in your custom board shorts. If you need to change sizes due to changing measurements, you will have to pay for another fitting (postage there & back) before I make your boardshorts. If you choose not to pay for another fitting and choose just to pick a size from the chart, you accept the possibility that they may not fit and no refunds will be offered and no returns will be given. You may order again in the size you need and start the process over. You are welcome to decline fittings, but keep in mind no refunds or returns are accepted. 


Please keep in mind swimwear needs negative ease, which is just a fancy way of saying it needs to fit tighter than sportswear or clothing because when it gets wet the fabric will loosen up and stretch. Elastic is added in all the important places in your swimsuit to allow it to "bounce back" for your next wear. This ensures it doesn't warp or continue to stretch out through each wear. It will always recover back to the original size. DO NOT take the finished measurements I provide and compare it to an item of clothing or even your body. Please compare it to another swimsuit that fits you properly. 





I do not accept returns or refunds for any reason, except a mistake on my part. Prior to making your piece, measurements and sizes were confirmed and in some cases a fitting was offered. If you would like to reorder, you are welcome to do so at full price. You may post any items Buy/Sell/Trade in our facebook VIP group if you like! 

You have 1 week from delivery to let me know of any damages discovered upon receipt of item. I do take pictures of *every* item leaving my shop moments prior to packing it up, and weigh the package before it leaves. 

If you have ordered Ready to Ship from our RTS Section on the website or various releases in our Facebook VIP groups, these sales are final and no exchanges for any reason will be permitted. I will give as many measurements as I can to ensure you can make an informed decision. 


If you accidentally check out with the wrong address please let me know immediately. I will cancel your order and allow you to check out again with the right address. If your fabric has already been purchased, you must reorder with the right address before I will cancel your other order. Your other order will be canceled & refunded immediately after the new order is made. I DO NOT change addresses myself under any circumstances. 

I will generate a shipping label 24 hours before I intend to drop off your package. Please use this time to triple check your address. If your address is wrong I will cancel the shipping label and allow you to check out again. Once payment is made, I will cancel the first order and generate a new shipping label on the new order with the correct mailing address. Your item will ship immediately. 

Once the item is picked up by USPS it is out of my hands. I will not offer refunds, returns, or cancellations. Once it is delivered, I have no control or ability to discover over where or who it was delivered to. I recommend talking to the post office directly and asking for a GPS location of drop off. You can also download the "Shop" app which can give you a general idea of where the package is. 

Tracking numbers can be found in your email or on your account page on our website. They should also be updated in the "shop" app (I really do recommend it).  


Proper care of your outfit is essential to ensure a long-lasting garment! Swimsuits should always be rinsed in cold water after use, hand washed, and dried in the shade. Drying in the sun or washing with hot water could cause bleaching or fading of the fabric. They can withstand a wash or two in your washer with cold water & a gentle cycle BUT please ensure it is in a lingerie bag and washed with similar materials. DO NOT put your swimsuit in the dryer. These lingerie bags are available to purchase on our website. They are not handmade.  

If hems become unraveled, bows fall off, or other small issues I offer fixes on these for the cost of shipping both ways (usually just $7 total). Though these things should stay in place mistakes happen and I'll be happy to fix them for you! 



You may order:

The bikini bag will be handmade by me and the others are manufactured by 3rd parties. The towels and blankets will be ordered from small family shops. All of these will be sold at cost to you. Bikini Bags, Towels, and Blankets can be printed with the same design as your clothing order OR you may choose from one of the many artworks/fabrics we have available! 


Sew Reina participates in several facebook showcases with new releases every week. 

Small Shop Besties (Thursdays): New Releases and Sale Items

Custom Collective (Thursdays): New Releases and Sale Items

Little Lizard King (Fridays): New Releases

PixelCass & Friends (every other Friday): One of a Kind New Releases

Customs, made to size, and ready to ship may be ordered on this website any time or on our etsy page at