Clothing Design Workshop - Homeschoool
Clothing Design Workshop - Homeschoool
Clothing Design Workshop - Homeschoool
Clothing Design Workshop - Homeschoool
Clothing Design Workshop - Homeschoool

Clothing Design Workshop - Homeschoool

$1,170.00 USD


Sustainable Sewing Workshop for Homeschoolers: Comprehensive Fashion Design Workshop

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Welcome to our Sustainable Sewing Workshop for Homeschoolers! This dynamic 14-class workshop immerses your child in the art and ethics of fashion design while mastering hands-on garment construction. Students will explore the legal aspects of clothing production, including compliance with industry regulations, and learn the artistic elements of design and construction. They will engage with fast fashion's impact, ethical practices, and sustainability. Through practical projects, they'll gain experience with sewing machines, sergers, and coverstitch machines, and connect with valuable resources to support their creative journey. This workshop emphasizes both the craftsmanship and ethical considerations essential for responsible fashion creation

Course Highlights:

  1. Fast Fashion & Sustainability:

    • Understand the impact of fast fashion.
    • Learn why sustainable practices are important.
    • Explore ways to make clothing ethically and sustainably.
  2. Legal Requirements:

    • Learn the laws governing clothing production and sales.
    • Understand compliance and safety standards.
  3. Machine Setup & Usage:

    • Set up and operate sewing machines, sergers, and coverstitch machines.
    • Master basic and advanced stitching techniques.
  4. Garment Construction:

    • Measure and use size charts accurately.
    • Assemble and cut patterns.
    • Sew garments using various fabrics and machines.
  5. Textile Knowledge:

    • Explore different types of textiles and their uses.
    • Learn about grainlines, stretch materials, and woven fabrics.

Hands-On Projects:

  1. Stretchy Knit Garment:

    • Choose from dress, sweatshirt, top, pants, t-shirt, or romper.
    • Learn to work with stretchy materials, grainlines, and hemming techniques.
  2. Knit Leggings/Tights:

    • Learn to incorporate elastic and reinforce stress areas.
  3. Woven Dress:

    • Add embellishments and ruffles.
    • Understand seam allowances, pressing, and hemming.
  4. Suspenders, Bow Tie, Tie, or Headband:

    • Quick projects that teach basic stitching, pattern placement, and sustainable sewing.
  5. Button-Up Top:

    • Attach buttons, use plackets, hide neckline seams, and integrate hidden functional materials.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 14 classes (once or twice a week)
  • Class Length: 1-1.5 hours per class (total of 21 hours)
  • Included Materials:
    • PDF patterns for chosen garments ($10-$15 value each)
    • Printed patterns in selected sizes
    • All fabrics and materials for projects, plus a few yards of their choice to take home to practice!
    • Goodie bag with needles, storage container, thread spools, bobbins, pins, clips, and clothing tags
    • 2 pairs of sewing scissors
    • 1 rotary blade
    • 1 cutting mat

Optional Add-Ons:

  1.  Custom Fabric Design

    • Work with our professional graphic designer (and fellow homeschool mom) to create custom fabric.
    • Learn design basics and digital scaling.
    • Additional $80 for design fee and printed fabric.
  2. Business Start-Up:

    • Create a logo and learn to use Canva.
    • Format logo for 100 clothing tags and design hang tags, learn how/where to (re)order them. 
    • Compliance registration.
    • Additional $100 includes physical hang tags, clothing tags, & compliance registration with safer products. 
  3. Serger or Coverstitch Rental:
    • $50 serger rental
    • $25 coverstitch rental 
    • Sergers and coverstitch machines can be rented to offset the cost burden of these machines up front. Rental fees include use of the machine throughout our classes (machines MAY NOT be taken home), repairs, and the regular cleanings required with these machines. 

Join us for this exciting journey into the world of fashion design and sustainable sewing. Empower your child to create unique, ethical, and stylish clothing while gaining valuable skills and knowledge through this hands-on "crash course"! 


  1. Child must have their own sewing machine. A large part of the class is becoming comfortable with their own machine, which is one of the largest obstacles to begin sewing! Every machine is different, has its own quirks, and method of threading. Learning and becoming comfortable on their own machine is a core process of the class. 
  2. Child must have an email address: Your child may use your email address for the class, but we do recommend their own email address to receive patterns and communicate with our graphic designer. 
  3. Child must be able to read with some proficiency & have the hand dexterity to work with needles and blades

This class retails at $1, 170, but our homeschooling family will get the AMAZING rate of only $875! REGISTER TODAY! 



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LOCATION: Northeast El Paso or Central El Paso